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Welcome to Oil & Gas Spares management Ltd


Oil & Gas Spares Management Ltd are a specialist consultancy company managing commissioning & operations spares for Oil & Gas operators. Most Operators are managing their spares on Excel. With SAP, Maximo & Oracle having no facility for spares management are forced to do so, with no direct link into the procurement system its difficult to manage spares effectively. Operations groups receiving project data spend Million purchasing spares not required, or spending significant sums due to unplanned shutdowns and a lack of spares availability cripple offshore operations. We have developed a spares data management tool Spirsys, which delivers complete control of spares management back to the operator. Our expert spares co-ordinators have significant experience of managing and controlling operations from projects through to pre and post operations handover. We can detail, map & report all spares requirements for entire assets, criticality rate, and develop cost saving spares procurement strategies.  


Key Challenges.

Have we procured all the critical spares & who is holding up the process?

Is this spare used in any other equipment?

Have the spares been received and shipped?

Have the damaged/borrowed spares been replaced?

Where is the handover data for operations, have the SPIR forms  been verified and correctly completed?

What's the entire budget required for commissioning & 2 year operating spares?

Why are we purchasing spares which are contained in the project surplus?

Why do operations have no proper access to the certification for their installed plant tagged items?

What's the status of the spares for commissioning & start up?

Have all the spares been Material mastered ready for purchase?

How can we lower the cost of recommended spares, where are the procurement strategies outlining best practice?

How can we reuse spares across equipment and reduce retained inventory and procurement costs?

Which critical spares are on long threatening lead times?

Why are we employing significant numbers of personnel post handover to organise the SPIR information ready for procurement?

Why are we managing a company with $50billion turnover spares requirements on Excel spreadsheets?

Why have we paid 50Million for a SAP system which only identifies and tracks a spare near the end of the process, and even then cant allocate the spare to a tagged item?


Oil & Gas Spares Management

Case study in brief.

An Oil & Gas Spares operator in Aberdeen spent 5m sterling  purchasing operations spares, later identified (By Oil & Gas Spares Management Ltd) to be contained within the project surplus Materials. The same operator spent 8m sterling purchasing spares for another project, it did not actually require. The decision taken was to purchase each and every spare presented on the SPIR forms. A spares co-ordinator utilising Spirsys would have spared this financial waste. Our spares co-ordinator holds bi weekly meetings with commissioning & operations teams to review SPIR forms and identify only what is required.


So what essentially will we do for you?.
In a nutshell, we will install one of our spares co-ordinators into your business, collate your spares data, and use our data management tool to revolutionise how spares are managed in your company for little more than a standard day rate. We are unique to the Oil gas industry and the only spares management company operating in the North Sea.


What We Offer


 Operators & spares co-ordinators.
Most operators have material controllers managing spares who have not been provided with the correct tools to carry out the spares management task properly. In a professional Oil & gas organisation, spares management is one of the most critical aspects to successful ongoing operations ,and most operators pay little attention to how to make it work properly. As an operator reading this, do you have a dedicated spares co-ordinator in your  business. Its unlikely.


Maintenance spend cost tracking.
Cost reporting on spares pre project handover is virtually impossible when using Excel. The Spirsys management tool allows complete data to be handed over, and details future spend on spares yet to be procured, it allows you to track spend per Tagged plant item so you can analyze the maintenance cost for each tagged, item or system over its lifetime.  


Map your operational weaknesses.
Our system contains live data, allowing a map to be presented of your spares material weak points. Reporting, the spares you require, the spares on order, the spares in the warehouse, and also report on the Criticality 1 to 4 spares you don't have on order, but require, and will report the number of weeks your asset could be shutdown for awaiting that spare, we can run a spares vulnerability report by Work order, by system, or down to each and every single installed tagged item of plant offshore.


Spares data handover to operations & commissioning teams, has proven ineffective. PDF copies of SPIR forms are presented, with unverified and incorrect spares recommendations made. The project team have departed, along with the ability to rectify and request updated recommendations from vendors. It can take many people a significant periods of time to identify and produce full details of spares required for operations post handover. One spares co-ordinator provided by ourselves during projects, utilising our Spirsys data management tool will save significant sums on engineering personnel rectifying spares identification and management post handover, and more importantly safeguard your company from the unplanned shutdown through spares unavailability.