Offshore Material Controller 

There are at present very few offshore & remote site material control systems in the Oil & Gas Industry, with many platforms, module builders & remote warehouses, running the management of  materials in excel, or some other manual non transaction based system.  There is no tie back to the original purchase order data, cost information or certification, and the margin for error inefficiencies and waste is significant. ERP system material control functionality ends once equipment has been manifested offshore, our system kicks in at that point to allow seamless material control management.



Offshore Material Controller.
Oil & Gas Spares management have developed the Oil & Gas industries first offshore and remote site material control system designed specifically to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Our system can also provide a solutions for the introduction of the new customs regulations in May 2016. Our system is a bolt on to your present ERP system data, will provide cost reports, detail overdue 3rd party rental equipment, track containers, allow backloads linked to the original ERP data stream. We took the "Apple" approach to product development. How do we create a system people will actually want to use, and make it as simple and user friendly as possible. We had the manta:- there will be no part of the system more than 4 mouse clicks away from any other part of the system. We stripped every complicated, confusing add on, and put ourselves directly into the shoes of the onshore & offshore material control teams & designed it with that principle in mind.


Oil & Gas Customs Changes May 2016.
As of May 2016 HMRC are implementing the Union Customs code which will bring sweeping changes to the way Oil & Gas companies require to manage their material control offshore. From May 2016, anything shipped to an Oil & Gas Platform is deemed exported from the UK, and customs declaration is required, & anything returned from offshore is deemed an import, and will require a corresponding customs declaration. The Offshore industry are not in a greatest of positions to properly manage materials back onshore & deliver the correct data corporate Oil & gas tax teams will require to meet the new UCC customs changes. Our offshore material control system will not only manage and deliver the correct financial information for inclusion within your customs declarations, but introduce an entirely new and efficient way of managing materials and equipment offshore.


Remote Sites Material Control (Module Fab Yard).
Remote sites such as fabrication yards & warehouses have no way of receipting and managing material control unless you install a remote access terminal & provide full training. Our system allows full material control functionality on remote sites, directly tapping into your ERP system data. You can track and record material delivery KPI's, deliveries to third party fabrication yards, manage surplus materials post workscope completion, with a facility to review and locate all certification for that equipment. We present the most flexible material control system available to the Oil & Gas industry, and we can tailor it to any requirement you may have.


Present Challenges.
There are many issues facing material control teams offshore. Offshore installations rarely know what materials  they have offshore at any one time. They can make estimates after they have extracted the data from 6 different department excel spreadsheets and made a guess. When its time to backload, they have literally no idea what the original purchase order information is for the items they are sending back. Most returned items have to be scrapped as certification can not be located, and its simply not in any kind of condition where it can be re-used. One of the biggest issues and difficult areas "to get right" is  the management of backloads from the platform. This is where the systems really breaks down & is the biggest threat with the new customs regulations. We offer a unique and full material control system for offshore which will process and integrate with data from any ERP system. SAP, Oracle, Maximo.


System features:-

System Features.
Receipt equipment in multiple offshore locations.

Data links directly to original ERP system data.

Cost report on all offshore materials, shipments & backloads.

Create backload manifests from original ERP Purchase data.

System Issue materials & plant to specific individuals. (Always know who materials were last issued to)

Easy "return to stock" function for unused equipment & returning plant rental items.

Out of cert plant reports.

Identify, manage & track 3rd party Vendor equipment offshore.

Track cost spend on 3rd Party Equipment inc cost over runs.

Tie items to commodity codes & outbound customs declarations.

Certification storage & retrieval for plant/rigging gear.

Manage rigging equipment & certification storage/retrieval.

Manage container movements history and expiry certification.

Manage plant & tooling c/w with certification retrieval.

Issue/track materials issued by workpack/Jobcard.

Identify & manage Surplus for re-use or backload.

Web based, accessible anywhere with internet connection.

Allows onshore material control teams full visibility of offshore materials activities.

KPI Tracking & reporting.

Conform to new customs regulations "Union Customs code" May 2016.