Operations SPIR's/Spares

Operations SPIR's.
Oil & gas operators have difficulty managing and controlling the procurement and management of operating spares.  Many run cumbersome procurement business management software, simply not equipped nor adaptable to suit the specific requirements of managing and tracking spare requirements. The challenges faced by the operations team are very much representative of the issues faced by the commissioning teams.



Present Challenges.
Projects do not prioritise the needs of the operations group during the projects phase. SPIRís submitted are not reviewed by Ops until the project has concluded. Operations are handed incomplete SPIR data, requiring significant resources to rectify and properly prepare.


The SPIRSYS Solution.
Our data management tool SPIRSYS is the only software product developed to collate and manage SPIR data during the project phase, not only post OPS handover which by then significant resources are required to manage.


Current Industry Solutions.
One major operator had the foresight to develop a software solution  to manage SPIRs in 2000 realising SAP was neither adaptable or flexible enough to suit the requirements of spares  management.  Their system was licensed to over 22,000 companies globally, but ceased distribution in 2009 and only in  use on in house projects. 


Ultimately our company is about creating the correct process for managing your spares of which the database SPIRSYS is merely a part. We are about putting the right people in, with the right tools and adhering to the right processes to achieving the results required..


Operational spares are among of the top priorities for any Oil & Gas operator. Platform down time is not an option. The financial consequences are obvious. Spirsys gives you the control to develop spares procurement strategies based on actual requirements, and negates the need for panic procurement of equipment, while ensuring you do have in stock or on order what spares are required.