Oil & Gas Spares Management


Why do we exist.

The Oil & Gas Spares Management Ltd Oil & Gas consultancy was conceived in 2009 to provide Oil & Gas operators with solutions to manage, collate and deal effectively and efficiently with SPIR requirements from commissioning through to operations. The Oil & Gas Spares Management team track, collate and report SPIR activity in a way previously not possible. We provide the missing link, we ensure your projects teams put in place the necessary tools to collate and deliver complete information, to the projects ultimate client...The Commissioning & Operations teams. 

Oil & Gas Spares Management Software.

We developed a software system unique to the Oil & Gas Industry, compatible all leading business software system downloads, Maximo, SAP Oracle, Excel. Our system tracks all SPIR requirements for both commissioning and operations, provides full cost reports, and allows the identification and reuse of project surplus.

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Industry Issues.

Oil & Gas industry contractors rarely have a mandate to provide detailed SPIR data. The present trend is they hand over a book containing PDF SPIR forms, which are unverified, and at times incorrect. The consensus has been that operations are not a consideration for the projects team as the project is building and moving into the  commissioning phase. SPIR Issues become apparent only once the project team have departed.

What We Offer


 25+ years of industry experience.
Experience of working for and with the Oil & Gas industries largest companies. Experience from minor mods through to new build modules and Greenfield platform projects.


Pprocurement, Supply chain, project controls, cost control and schedule expertise.
A track record of success & first hand knowledge of the challenges facing the Oil & Gas industry. We have developed  solutions in direct response to the issues.


Bespoke system, developed by Oil & Gas professionals, spares management, advanced reporting, SPIR requisition creation, spares matching and surplus re-utilisation capabilities.
Our system has been programmed in house, and can be specifically tailored to suit the specific requirements of your company. Oil & Gas Spares Management will reduce costs significantly through the efficiencies delivered, and equally as important, will deliver complete control to your business for operational & commissioning spares management.