Surplus Management

Surplus Management.
Surplus re-utilisation has proven difficult for the Oil & gas industry, wastage is unprecedented. Projects purchase contingency which leaves  significant Surplus at the end of a project. Many factors prevent the industry reusing surplus,  operator partner disputes on resale values,  inappropriate availability of certification post project  or materials returned into containers unlabelled. The time and effort required to sort the material and locate the correct QA certification consigns much surplus to the scrap. Ultimately however its down to bad planning and a lack of strategic thinking early during the project phase, which prevents successful re-use.



Present Challenges.
A contractor will generally procure on behalf of an operator during the project phase. Records are maintained in the contractors system, QA certification easily retrievable, as are Master PO records. Once projects  hands over to OPS, the contractors system and knowledge is no longer available, certification for material can be presented in boxes and filing cabinets, in little order, which an operator will not allocate the significant resources required to rectify.


How can SPIRSYS manage your Surplus?.
SPIRSYS has a surplus matching function which allows you to submit a tag or material master number for your Surplus items, and the system will produce the certification instantly, it will detail how many of those specific item you have installed in your plant. Has the ability to allow, valves, Instruments and any other surplus to be properly matched to an installed component. Its easier to develop meaningful procurement strategies for Spares based on verified information.   


QA Certification.
One of the main hurdles to successful reutilisation of surplus, is the inability to retrieve the QA certification specific to the Surplus item. QA require to trust the surplus material proposed actually meets the project specifications.  Spirsys delivers the strategy and tools required to make your surplus process work, with 2 clicks to get retrieve all the necessary documentation, and retain its storage & manifest details, post project.


Commissioning Spares.
Commissioning spares are identical to Operational spares. Spirsys allows the immediate identification of purchased Commissioning spares, which then allows these to be returned to possession of OPS once the commissioning phase is complete. There's a direct and significant cost savings to made with this SPIRSYS feature.


Our employees collect data during the project phase to ensure surplus is re-usable during the Operations phase. Operations are rarely given enough consideration by projects and can be left to fend for themselves post handover with little in the way of support from the departing project team. Minimal effort during the project phase will deliver significant benefit post OPS handover, and can save significant sums.